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About Solar Energies Calculator

The Your Energy Calculator is an online advanced tool developed by the solar experts at Your Energy to help you quickly determine the potential savings that you can make when you go solar. Using this online solar calculator is extremely simple. All you need to do is to input three basic details -your location, your monthly electricity bill and your electricity consumer category. And we provide you with an unbiased snapshot of your solarization potential. Your personalised solar scorecard is generated in the form of a neat PDF report, that can also be shared with your friends.

The solar calculator is a work of more than 2000 man hours over a year put in by the engineering team at Your Energy. At the back end, the online calculator has mapped every possible location in India with consumer category-wise as well as slab-wise energy tariffs and electricity consumption patterns along with the solar generation potential at each of these different locations. Your Energy Calculator is backed by sophisticated and robust algorithms in order to generate the most accurate and precise results for you. Since we have ensured that every pin code in India is covered, no matter where you live, using the online Solar Calculator will take you one step closer to going solar and harnessing the virtually unlimited power of the Sun.

When you input your electricity bill, location and consumer category, the solar calculator works its magic and gives you Recommended Solar System size based on your electricity consumption. You also get a Solar Score that clarifies whether you should go solar now or later along with what your Lifetime Savings and Return on Investment would be. The Your Energy solar scorecard is completely unbiased and will always show your most realistic solar potential. You will be able to ‘Register your Rooftop’ with us right from the solar calculator output sheet and get connected to our vast network of pre-screened solar installers who will provide you with price quotes for your system. Therefore, the Your Energy Solar Calculator not only helps you answer the question whether you should go solar and start saving, but also quickly allows you to connect with our vast network of partners to go ahead and get an installation done.

Your Energy has made sure that this is the most advanced, accurate yet personalised solar calculator you can run in India.


Your Energy Calculator relies on our advanced algorithms related to your locational co-ordinates, historical solar irradiation, electricity tariffs across-India and certain generic assumptions with regards to your electricity consumption pattern, availability of area for solar installation, nearby shading, solar irradiation, availing of a bank loan to buy solar system, etc. You can edit and modify a lot of these assumptions for more accurate results.