Limited Time Solar Subsidy in Delhi for Non-Profit Institutes/Organizations & Homeowners

mukesh kumar | Post Date : 10-Nov-2019

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Adopting solar energy can reduce your monthly electricity bills by up to 80%. While the benefits of solar are well documented and it is more affordable than ever to go solar, the Government, both at the centre and state level, are trying to make the journey even more affordable. Therefore, time to time limited subsidy schemes are announced to connect more beneficiaries to enhance the solar adaptability.

The IPGCL Solar Subsidy in Delhi - Are you eligible for it?

The Indraprastha Power Generation Company Limited (IPGCL), the electricity generation company of the Government of Delhi, is offering a solar subsidy in Delhi for a limited time. Under this subsidy scheme, you can get a straight waiver i.e. Upfront discount of 30% on the solar system cost until Nov 6th 2019. The subsidy is available for power consumers like residential consumers and non profit organizations (educational institutes, hospitals, NGO’s, RWAs, charitable trusts and etc). If you are a homeowner or a decision-maker of any such organization in Delhi, this is the best time for you to opt solar and increase your savings. MYSUN can help you go solar with this subsidy scheme. Submit your interest through MYSUN today by clicking here..

Benefits of going solar with the Delhi IPGCL Solar Subsidy

Going solar with the IPGCL solar subsidy has three key benefits for you: 1. Reduced solar system cost: Availing the subsidy will reduce your solar system cost by flat 30%. This means, if you are looking to install a solar system of size 12kWp, you will have to pay just INR 3.64 Lakh instead of INR 5.2 Lakh - the approximate cost of 12kWp solar system without the subsidy. Thus, you make a substantial upfront savings of INR 1.56 Lakh. 2. Free 5-year service and solar system warranty - The IPGCL solar subsidy mandates every solar PV installer to provide you with free five-year service and maintenance, along with a five-year system warranty. 3. Efficiently Designed Solar Systems: The IPGCL subsidy guidelines instruct that every solar system installed under the subsidy has to be designed as per the installation guidelines of MNRE. You are assured to get only an efficient performing solar system approved by the authorities.