Service : Solar Water Heater

Solar Power Plant installations in Etawah
Fully independent Solar Water Heater

We are approved solar water heater manufacturers and our solar water heaters are certified.We offer solar water heaters of different capacity depending on customer’s requirement.These heaters have in in-built electric back-up, which provide hot water within 2 hours and are that of high thermal efficiency. Additionally, these water heaters provide safe water for cooking purpose. These heaters are widely used at homes, hotels, hospitals, milk dairies and textile industries. These are also used in projects for solar steam generators.

Benefits Of Solar Water Heater System

   Water can be heated on cloudy days too. The solar heater uses diffused energy in the atmosphere to heat the water.

   Sunlight is free, so once you've paid for the initial installation your hot water costs will be reduced.

   The cost of two or three panels is cheaper than larger domestic installations

   You also save on fuel bills for supplying gas heating systems.

   Perfect design, Easy installation

   Temperature compensated Battery charging

   "Fit and forget" device

   Excellent for remote villages

   Highly economical and reliable

   One time installation

   "More intensity of light